About Us

We strive to bring back the "Old School Gym"

Tired of the corporate-fitness boom yet? We are a small family owned business offering you NO binding contracts or costly hidden sign up fees! You pay only for your membership as you go!

At Jakked Hardcore Gym we provide a haven for those who demand real results from their training. Our environment will help you to exceed your goals and rise above the rest.

It's time to get serious and leave the rest behind. Call Jakked Hardcore Gym today for your membership.

Professional Instruction

We have free weekly classes available to train you in proper equipment use, provide you with new ideas to incorporate into your workouts, and help keep you motivated. We want to ensure that everyone, novice and veteran alike, is able to reach their goals.

We also offer affordable, one on one personal training from one of our specialized trainers that is based on your own unique goals, whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or train for a specific event.

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting

A number of award-winning competitors have found a home at Jakked Hardcore. Whether you're trying to reach the next level of competition or just starting, you'll love our extensive equipment and driven atmosphere.

Unlike at commercial lifting gyms, our community is about respecting hardwork and success, not egos. Regardless of whether you look big or lift big, or if you're just starting down one of those roads, you'll find members and staff here who genuinely want to see you achieve your best.

One of the top powerlifting gyms in the nation

Strongman Training

We are the home of the best-equipped strongman training facility in the state of Illinois and host to the NAS state chair!

We have a full-size loading platform, 16" power stairs, a wide range of stones, kegs, sandbags, anvil weights, logs, tires, fingers, and any other heavy implement you could name, plus a car deadlift frame, towing harnesses, and more.

One of the top strongman gyms in the nation

Athletic Training

We have an indoor turf run, olympic platform, heavy bags, advanced sports training equipment, and specialized trainers who are experienced athletes and ready to help you reach your full potential in high school, collegiate, or recreational sports.

Ask us about group training packages and discounted memberships for local high school teams.

Everything you need to get stronger and faster